At Sea

Begin Again

 "At Sea" is a new editorial series by Shop Sea Levels owner, Betty Nguyen. There will be a blog, a radio show and an in-store take away with interview content by local Ojai artists and contributors to the shop gallery because we all have stories to continue the unique legacy of the Valley,... I mean, we're not all krishnamurti Deadheads or are we?
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A Good Break

I chose to interview the deeply contemplative artist, Jim Melchert to begin the series. His works were the first fine art pieces to hang on the walls at Shop Sea Levels when I opened and I consider Jim a sleeping giant as far as California artists and clay artists go. Not only do I think he is a great thinker who makes interesting work, he also served as Director of the Visual Arts Program for the NEA, and then for the esteemed American Academy in Rome. I'm so honored to have his work here at Shop Sea Levels, in this...

Water as Resource

Water as Resource

How to let the changes connect you to the ones that can

Ojai is searching for water. Lake Casitas is evaporating in this drought and we are in stage 3 emergency. We have gorgeous farms here that feed people. As consumers, I hope that we can be aware of our usage. I've shut off the water at Shop Sea Levels to see how I can conserve and ration it. 

Photo: Ai Wei Wei